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So it begins…

We are about to embark on a cross-country road trip with our two girls (Kid C & Kid A), who are both under the age of 3 as I write this.  Team Norén (M+T+C+A) will be moving from Jersey City, NJ to Ventura, CA.  When we tell people this, reactions vary from excitement, worry, excitement and worry, with the occasional undertone of “What the H are you thinking?!” 

Driving at somewhat of a leisurely pace, we plan on taking nearly two weeks until we reach California.  M & I planned the bulk of our driving around afternoon naps.  We will stop for meals and sleep in hotels along the way.  Take a look at our route and leave a comment with suggestions of where to eat, what to do, what is a must-see site.  Thanks to the suggestion from our friends L & V, we’re planning on checking out Fallingwater once we arrive in Pittsburgh, PA.

We want this blog to capture our cross-country travels — both the joys and challenges that we will encounter along our 2-week journey with our two toddlers in tow. We think it will be a cool keepsake for our family, too.

If this blogging thing works out, it would be great to include future adventures (i.e., adventures in potty training, adventures in parenting two toddlers, etc.)

But first, we’re going to focus on the next day and a half to wrap up loose ends and pack up our van.

ETD: Friday, September 30, 10:00AM EST.