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Day 2: Pittsburgh, PA

The first day of our road trip was supposed to start at 10:00AM.  I’m not sure how I thought we’d be able to move out of our temporary apartment, pack up our van, get ourselves showered, fed and… oh yeah… get our 2.5+yr old and 15mo old fed, dressed and in the best mood to travel by 10:00AM.

We ended up leaving Jersey City at 1:00PM.

Our van packed to the brim - Yikes!

We made a quick stop at Grandma’s house, about 45min west of Jersey City and then continued our road trip headed for our first stop: Pittsburgh, PA.

Sleeping Kid A

Sleeping Kid C

We stopped for dinner somewhere near Penn State and rolled into Pittsburgh after 10PM.  It was 45 degrees, raining, and we had a hard time figuring out the roads (read: we got a little lost).  Exhaustion and nerves definitely got the best of us that night, but we were relieved to finally check into our hotel near Station Square.

The next morning, we woke up to these views:

Near Station Square (Pittsburgh, PA)

"So, this is Pittsburgh?"

Unfortunately, we scrapped the plan to visit Fallingwater because of the cold and rainy weather.  Also, it would’ve added nearly 2 hours to our total driving time that day (which was already going to be about 5 hours) and we didn’t want to risk our sanity so early into our trip.

With 5 hours worth of driving time ahead of us, we were anxious to get out of Pittsburgh and get to Cincinnati, OH.