Name: Tina
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
College: Zot! Zot! Zot!
Where I moved after college: New York, NY
Where I lived in my early-20s through mid-30s: New York City via Manhattan (UES) & Brooklyn (3rd stop on the L train) and mostly Downtown Jersey City, NJ
Where I live now: Ventura, CA
Coolest organization I’ve worked at (from many others POV): Major League Baseball
Last organization I worked at before I had kids: Studios Architecture
Least favorite font: Comic Sans
Hobbies: [childhood] climbing trees [young adult] playing hacky sack
On writing: I’ve kept a journal on and off since the 5th grade.
On parenting style: It probably falls somewhere between “Tiger” and “Free-Range”.

I initially started this blog to document my family’s cross-country road trip and then figured it would segue into stories about parenting adventures. I attempted to revive the blog on the anniversary of the first year since moving out west. And then this eventually happened…

…which started us on the We’re-outnumbered-by-our-kids! adventure.

Almost three years later, I shall make another attempt at adding some interesting content to this blog.

Step #1: Write ‘About’ section. Check.
Step #2: Write next blog post. Check.
Step #3: Continue to write and share.

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