One Year Since Moving Out West

About this time last year, the Noren crew was somewhere between Ohio and Kentucky.  We survived all the preparation for our cross-country adventure and said farewell to our home in Jersey City.  Hubby and I had no idea what to expect of our trip with two toddlers in tow, but if you’ve been here before, you’ll recall that our kiddos were awesome little travelers.  Once we made it to Santa Fe, we got our routines down pat.  (So what that it was Day 12 of our 13-Day Road Trip.  Better late, than never!)

Even though our little ones won’t have memories of the trip, I’ll always look back and think fondly of our cross-country adventure.

And for the nearly five-month radio silence?  No excuses, just Life.

Some adventures that Team Noren embarked upon since the last time I was here…

Hubby and I started running regularly and ran our first races this year – me, my first 5k and 10k races and hubby, his first half marathon.  We missed all of the walking we did on the East Coast and wanted a way to stay active.  I also give credit to my mom and stepdad who inspired me to start running.  They’re super active ‘retirees’ and avid runners.

Other mini-adventures we had:

We met Thomas the Train at the Fillmore Western & Railway in April.



We visited and toured the Camarillo Fire Station in May.



We went to the Ventura County Fair in August.





This summer was especially busy with bridal showers, weddings, Kid A turning 2, hubby starting a new job, my new adventure launching in Ventura, Kid C starting preschool, and all of us finding the rhythm of our new West Coast lifestyle.

And don’t these two photos of the girls ‘surfing’ with Grandpa say it all?!



With the holiday trifecta around the corner, I’m looking forward to sharing more adventures like attempts at making Halloween costumes, a vacation back to the East Coast in November, and more.


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