Day 9: Omaha, NE to Denver, CO

After Omaha, we planned on driving to Sterling, CO, sleep there for the night and head out to Denver the following day.  However, this is how things played out:

I drove the first leg and got us to Kearney, NE, which is almost 3 hours west of Omaha. We ate at a fast food joint called Runza, as recommended by a friend of a friend who was from Nebraska. (I’ll save my commentary about the food for another post.)  We initially planned to make a stop at North Platte, but since we already took our break in Kearney, we decided to just keep going. M drove the rest of the way.  As we approached Sterling, CO, we decided to try to drive another hour before we stopped for dinner and then re-evaluate where we would sleep that night. We made it Fort Morgan, CO.

What was that smell, Fort Morgan?  Was it really the sugar refinery?  Really, did I favor the smell of my kids’ poop over the smell at Fort Morgan?  Whatever the case, that smell motivated us to leave Fort Morgan and get to Denver that night.

Here are some photos from that day:

Kid C working on a drawing before we check out of our hotel in Omaha, NE

Windmill and fields of corn

We saw a lot of corn fields

York, NE: the most colorful water tower

We bought a contraption for the iPad that attaches to the head rest.  Up until this point on our road trip, we kept it out of sight.  We wanted to save any movie-watching or Word World episodes for when it was absolutely necessary.  Driving through Nebraska’s very. flat. road. made it necessary.

After seeing their fair share of cows and corn fields, the kids were getting anxious.  We still had a few hours of driving ahead of us, so out came the iPad! M & I felt pretty good that we made it an entire week without needing to use the iPad in the car.

Very. Flat. Road.

Kid C watching "Curious George" on the iPad

Kid A checking things out

There’s always excitement whenever we approach a state’s border and the challenge of capturing a good photo of its welcome sign.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

We made it to Denver late that evening.  GoogleMaps calculates the drive from Omaha, NE to Denver, CO at 536 miles.  I still can’t believe we drove that distance in one day!

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