Day 4: Louisville, KY

We left Cincinnati in the late afternoon and arrived in Louisville, KY after driving 2 hours.

Welcome to Kentucky

What set the tone of this part of our trip might have been the condition of our hotel. We experienced a classic example of a worse case scenario for online dating – appearing much better on screen than in reality. Everything seemed outdated and there was a layer of dust on a leather chair in the room, which made us question the overall cleanliness of the place. The Galt House Hotel felt like it had its heyday in the 80s.  The vibe made me think of being way-off-the-strip in Las Vegas.  Luckily, we got to see a nice sunset and had a view of the Ohio River from our room.  The bellhop was helpful and the location was in walking distance to some restaurants at 4th Street Live.

The one restaurant we had on our list to try was Lynn’s Paradise Café featured on a few Food Network shows.  The food was good and the décor was kitchy-crazy.

Lynn's Paradise Cafe

Lynn's Paradise Cafe - interior

Lynn's Paradise Cafe - interior

Animal & dinosaur figurines on each table

Kenny's Kentucky Scramble

From the Kids Menu - biggest pancake ever

We spent about 20 min playing with the parking lot animals.

Parking Lot Frog

Parking Lot Hippo

Parking Lot Cow

After breakfast, we were ready to move on from Louisville and braced ourselves for another 4 hours to our next stop: St. Louis, MO.

3 thoughts on “Day 4: Louisville, KY

  1. Colleen Powers

    You make it all look so easy and fun – I want to hear about the darker side 😉

    All the best,
    Colleen P from JC!

    1. teamnoren4 Post author

      Oh believe me, Colleen – there have been many moments of “If she doesn’t stop screaming soon, I’m going to lose it” and “I GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS CAR RIGHT NOW!”… I’ll share more of the challenges soon 😉

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